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S E C R E T BOGOTA 003271 NOFORN SIPDIS E.O. 12958: DECL: 2034/10/27 TAGS: PGOV PREL PTER PINR PHUM KJUS CO SUBJECT: CNP HYPOTHESIS AS TO ILLEGAL WIRETAPS MASTERMINDS REF: BOGOTA 3185 AND PREVIOUS CLASSIFIED BY: William R. Brownfield, Ambassador; REASON: 1.4(B), (C), (D) 1. (S/NF) XXXXXXXXXXXX told PolCouns and XXXXXXXXXXXX Colombia DeskOfficer on October 21 that the analysis of cell phone calls made by the six signers of mala fide judicial telephone intercept orders (see reftels) submitted to the Prosecutor General's Office pointed to an individual named XXXXXXXXXXXX had received phone calls from Juan Carlos Arzayuz --former DAS Director Andres Penate's Deputy for Intelligence-- who was arrested in July along with seven other former officials of the Administrative Department of Security (DAS) in relation to the wiretap scandal. XXXXXXXXXXXX said the hypothesis is that Arzayuz instructed Monsalve to record Supreme Court auxiliary magistrate Ivan Velazquez and leak the tape to "Semana" news magazine. The ruse, XXXXXXXXXXXX explained, was intended to exculpate theimprisoned Arzayuz. XXXXXXXXXXXX said the circumstances suggested this was not the first time that Arzayuz and Monsalve had conspired to conduct illegal wiretaps, though authorities had no developed any hard evidence. 2. (S/NF) At the time of Arzayuz' arrest, he was working at the Prosecutor General's Investigate Corps (CTI). Arzayuz made the switch from DAS to CTI, which XXXXXXXXXXXX found odd given the difference in institutional cultures, when Maria del Pilar Hurtado replaced Penate as DAS Director in August 2007. XXXXXXXXXXXX said that the CNP had not yet arrested Monsalve, but had him under surveillance to uncover more of his criminal connections. Though he had no proof, and at this time it was his mere conjecture, XXXXXXXXXXXX said he suspected Uribe's Secretary of the Presidency Bernardo Moreno and possibly advisor Jose Obdulio Gaviria had ordered the illegal surveillance. XXXXXXXXXXX said he would pursue the investigation wherever it leads. 3. (S/NF) COMMENT: This falls in the category of informed speculation, but speculation from XXXXXXXXXXXX has a pretty good track record for success. BROWNFIELD .