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Cable game

Cablegate: The Game


What's the deal? What good can this possible do?
The cables released by WikiLeaks are a huge amount of information. Unfortunately computers are very bad at determining the important parts of each cable and finding out what it's about, that's where we need you!

What cables do you host?
All of them. I still have to write a web interface so you can access them all. If you're a bit crafty you can manipulate the URL to play on any cable you like.

Who are you guys?
I'm Paul and I made this. I'm studying Computer Science in the Netherlands. Hello!

Are you affiliated with WikiLeaks?
No. But I do support them.

What are you going to do with this data?
Nothing, I'm hoping that other people know how to do the cool analysis part of this exercise. If you are that person than please go ahead and download the datasets:

This is a great idea! How can I support you?
Sending me an e-mail with your feedback is always appreciated. If you want to make a contribution towards server costs consider clicking on one of these:

Also, if you can program in PHP & MySQL and think you can expand and improve upon this site I welcome you offer in the mail! Just send a few links to relevant previous projects you worked so I can see you can code and you're welcome. I also welcome designers that think they can do a better job than me.

Why can't you tag parts of existing tags?
This is purely a technical issue. The reason is that when you tag something all instances of that string will be surrounded with a <span> tag so it can be shown with an underline. If I allow arbitrary selections to be tagged the source will become a tangled mess of <span>s at which point the removeTag function will stop working (which also works with a global replace). The whole thing can also be solved by simply not underlining anything at all but I don't think that is worth it.

You should implement...
I always welcome suggestions. Currently planned features are: A more useful overview of tagged cables, tagging cables with other related cables, tagging cables with external URL's and an online scoreboard with global scores.